Doubts Are Created to Be Supressesd

After that night, I changed. I was nervous, shaking all the time, wondering where he had gone. It’s been three days since the last time he talked to me, and somehow I know that it was probably the last. It seemed as if a part of my life had been lifted out completely, leaving only a hole the size of him. When 9:30 came around each night, I signed on anyway, in hopes that he might be on. He never was. I spent weeks doing this, checking religously at 9:30 every night, until finally, he signed on again.

“I’m in trouble. Meet me at the corner of Clark and Waveland in half an hour.”

Then he immediatley signed off. I didn’t have to think twice. I don’t know this guy, but to hell with that. I know more about him than I know about myself. I grabbed a twenty out of my wallet and grabbed a taxi, suppressing all doubts to the back of my mind.

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