Surprising Stranger

Allanah adjusted the hem of her skirt and tried not to look shifty as she cast her eyes about the waiting room. The thought was already at the forefront of her mind “I don’t belong here”. No matter how much Peter had tried to talk up her confidence, no matter how much he had reminded her that she had earned the chance to be there she was still a prisoner of everything that she had been told by everyone else.


She started at the sound, jumped right out of her skin, and then her face flushed as she realised that there was someone standing at the water cooler. He was a good looking devil; six foot or so, athletic, sharp suit. As he walked past her she caught his cologne and she could not help but look up at him to try and see his face. He must have sensed her interest, because he turned back just enough to make eye contact with her. Her heart skipped a beat as she fell into his almond shaped grey eyes, and for just a moment she forgot about Peter, and then the stranger was around the corner.

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