The Tail of a Pungent Puppy [I Smell A Winner Challenge]

“OOH! Daddy, look at that one!”

Little Bethany pointed at a small dachshund sleeping in the corner of the cage.

The animal shelter worker laughed. “Yup, he seems to be a popular one among kids. Come here, boy!”

The dachshund quickly pointed its small ears, and ran around inside of it’s cage, chasing its tail with excitement before jumping up to lick Bethany’s face through the wire fence.

“Do you like him, Bethany?”

She just nodded, giggling at the puppies silly antics.

“Ugh! Dad, why did you have to drag me to this stinking pound?”

Rachel, his teenage daughter, crossed her arms and gave him the stink eye.

He sighed and answered, “It’s a family experience, Rachel. Just because you had to miss that party to come—”

“Daddy! Look at what Bingo’s doing!”

He turned around to face his daughter, and the dachshund by her. Bingo sniffed his feet, lifted his hind leg, and let loose.

Rachel rolled her eyes. “I think I smell a wiener.”

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