**The Rockstar Life**

We had been talking on the phone for hours. Discussing our song topics. See, the talent search was this summer, August 23 too be exact. We were only a couple of weeks from it. Our band had been together for a while, but we had no new material. We had been trying for a couple of days now to recruit one of the local drummers, a former graduate of our school.
He was in ninth grade, and pretty cute. I had liked him for awhile, which was one reason why I was pushing him to be in our band. He was a great drummer, except he didn’t read music, but he drummed to whatever beat we sang too, which was better. His name was Deon.
Our lead guitarist name was Lindsay. Although she was a bit bossy, she was awesome when it came to writing songs and playing her black electric guitar.
So basically, our band had it all together. Almost.
And of course they had me, the lead singer. And lead song writer.
Together, we were inseperable and great.
_Until small mishaps began to occur. _

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