Elsha Aint Done Yet, or Do You Wanna Die Honkey?

Behind his shiny metal face, John’s voice sounded like Darth Vader the chipmunk. He hadn’t quite tweaked the new voice box hooked to the breathing apparatus to sound menacing, but he was alive.The shiny chrome mask looked like if Destro and an anorexic Angelina Jolie had a baby that looked like C3PO . If that doesn’t sound scary trust me it was. Even the high pitched mike Tyson voice the mask projected couldn’t diminish its ominous overtones.
“Krulltar, i still gotta kill you.”
“I know as soon as soon as we end this, it me and you.”
Krulltar hog tied The unconscious Elsha and grabbed Sarah Conrad’s head.
“What are you going to do with that?”
“Spare parts, maybe you could put it on Mighty-Joe.”
“Kewl bring it.”
As krulltar hoisted the mechanical Trafalmadorian onto his horse, Mighty-Joe’s eyes blink. Then his gaze met the unconscious assassin and for a split second of hummingbird time, it looked like she winked at him.

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