a successful failureI

I went back to college when I realized that he wasn’t going to help me with our two kids aged 2 and 3. I dodged him everywhere I went. He was my OJ. He rammed the back of the car when we tried to get away from him and I always had to turn down the same street where our police station was located to loose him. I knew I couldnt’ stop though because I was broke and didn’t have car insurance so I could possibly be arressted. So with my homework and hair tosseling in the wind and the kids singing wee mommy do it again, I made my way home – safe again back in our 12×80 foot trailer house

Ten years later I am in my new big sprawling house with my own big teenagers waiting to start my life and wondering who the person driving the ‘get away’ car was? I made it out, i was a lucky one. No welfare, great career but unable to trust or love again.

It almost my time again to be alone and I don’t know who I am – I have spent the past ten years climbing the ladder but I am at a wrung I didn’t expect to reach. Who am I?

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