Perkins Always Dies Twice or Kevin Lawver must die.

Elsha’s thought drifted to the first time John Perkins had been killed back in aught 8 when he was just a homeless bum living outside starbucks.

Cop cars are in a stand off outside a starbucks.
“What is the situation?”
“It seems some hack writer Named Eddie-Joe Young took Kevin Lawver and some famous homeless bum named john Perkins hostage.”
“What are his demands?”
“Some stupid website ficlkes or something, was discontinued and he says if we dont turn it back on he is going to cause some carnage.”
“Is he dangerous, i dont think so, he did shoot the manager for having micheal Bolton as his ringtone, but I’d have shot him too.”
The phone rang and it was the hostage taker.” I gave you an hour and ficlets isnt up trust me this hurt me more than you can imagine but ya’ll killed him first.”
The shot gun rang out, and a lifeless bum collapsed in the starbucks.
“Kevin is next.”
Elsha snapped back to reality when she saw Jenunique, Pens and Feathers, and More Way, hidden like the camo Powerpuff Girls.

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