I gasped when I saw my dress. It was beautiful! The sleeveless dress was made of a royal blue satin. Matching blue velvet gloves and a blue velvet shawl lay next to it. Wesley and I immediately grabbed the dresses and began putting them on. Mine fit me perfectly, tight like a corsett on top, but puffing out at the waist and ending at my ankles. Small green beads adorned the straps and top of the dress. I was reminded of the victorian dresses women wore hundreds of years ago.

Wesley’s dress was just as amazing! Hers was a rich, shining gold with white beads. From her waist to her ankles, the dress was made of golden lace. She too, had matching velvet gloves. However, instead of a shawl, she had a cream colored cape with a white embroidery of roses.

We ran to the bathroom to put on our makeup. Wesley wore a voilet eye shadow and a light pink lipstick. While I, as always, put on black eye shadow with plenty of heavy black eye liner, and a deep plum lipstick.

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