the sun sets at a different time in the city
and whoever says we’ve got all the time in the world
clearly doesn’t live in New York minutes
waiting to hail one of those yellow cabs,
clocks spin double time, and i feel as though we are twice as lost

city life flows around you
like a river around a rock

i can’t read your eyes tonight,
reflected back in those dirty windowpanes
every city light reflected extravagantly on your face
every city heartbreak weighing heavy on my heart
together, unknowingly, something more than beautiful is created

did you mean it when you said it was all the same to you?
we’ve been all around the block,
underneath the streetlamps in a flurry of snow
hands close, but not held
in truth, the city stops for no one, regardless of sincerity

we are a study in contradiction
we are a class of words, thought but never spoken

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