Make it the best you can

Snaking and crawling these thoughts in my head,
stalking like a shadow to cover the bed.
Reminiscing of whispers alone in the night,
those times long past have left their blight,
to tear, decay, leaving me for dead.

Could I go back to the times that I know,
to take all these rifts and together them sew?
Would you be there waiting for me,
where we always thought we were meant to be,
and into the future arm in arm go?

Though question the story which we know not the end,
and all hope is lost, we will only pretend.
Life that we have may not be our choice,
we yell and we scream but don’t hear our voice,
through deafening silence never seeing around the bend.

But against the darkness, a new day will fight,
what will we see through the ever gaining light?
The path we leave littered with mistakes long left behind,
yet the road ahead smooth allowing us merely to find,
if one leaves the past, ones future is bright.

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