My Attempt at Making Someone's Day (Make Someone's Day Challenge)

I hope this one met the dated requirements, because I actually do feel this way lots of times. And I pout, as often as I can.

It is Six Feet Under the Stars, My Neverland, I may end up going back and sequelling again because I almost want to take it a step further (because you all know Ficletting sequels and me are like a certain potato chip, I can’t just have one. :D)

Anyway, my contribution is up. (Direct link is here, – but it won’t make much sense unless you read the first installment.)

After this, I am feeling a bit “Clint Eastwoody” and may even try my hand at a western after this…. But then again, that may be pushing it a little. Maybe I’ll just stick with, making someone else’s day. ;D

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