Make Me Better

I’m a movement by myself (ooh)
But I’m a force when we’re together
I’m good all by myself
But Baby, you, you make me better

“Why don’t the four of us go out and get some dinner?â€? Jordan suggested.
“That’s a wonderful idea.â€? Brandy smiled.
“Give us a moment to get ready.â€? Karissa said.
Jordan and Matt headed outside to the car.
“You like her.â€? Jordan teased.
“She’s very friendly.â€? Matt said.
“You know you like her.â€?
“Friends.” _ Matt insisted.
“You wanna know how I know you like her?â€? he asked.
“You’re going to tell me anyway.â€? Matt sighed.
“You started comparing her to candy didn’t you?â€?

Jordan waited.
“Well, maybe a little…â€?Matt admitted.
“What was it this time?â€?
“She has a smile like one of the Doublemint Twins.â€?
Jordan laughed. “I knew it.â€?
“How did you know?â€?
Jordan poked him. “Hello? Best friend? Comes with the territory.â€?
“But Karissa is the thirteenth woman,â€?Matt worried. “That could be bad luck.â€?
Jordan looked Matt in the eye. “I think your luck is changing.â€?

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