I noticed a note taped to the bathroom mirror. “Its from Mrs. Jonas.” I informed Emily.
“Read it.”
“Dear Emily and Wes,” I read aloud. “As you probably guessed, the boys are taking you out to a party. You two will look fabulous in the dresses I picked out for you, so make sure to tell me all about their expressions when they see you! Oh and use the spiral staircase when you go downstairs. See You Later, Mrs. J.”
“She is so awesome.” Emily said.
I agreed and reached for the flat-iron. Emily stopped me. “Can I do your hair?”
“Why?” I asked surprised.
“Because I know you were about to straighten it.I think it would look nice up.” Emily smiled.
“Um, well-”
“Alright.” I caved and relinquished the flat-iron.
I sat down and Emily grabbed the hairbrush and started. When she finished I gasped. She had put my hair in a twist so all the curls spilled out over the top.
“Now, isn’t that much better?” she beamed at me.
I let her darken my lipstick a bit and add a little sparkle to my eyeshadow.

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