I lay down in my small twin bed, my big feet hanging over the edge. I stared at the ceiling above me in the darkness. Turning my head to look at the clock, I groaned at the green digital numbers teasing me. My eyelids fluttered once, twice, and then closed. I began to dream.

I was in a forest. A dark forest of blues, browns, greys and blacks. I was still in my pajamas, and I shuddered as a wind blew through the trees. Goosebumps raised on my arms alnd legs, and I turned three-hundred-sixty degrees around. I saw nothing but the trees. I turned again. This time I saw a long, brown winding path stretching into the misty forest. I looked around and started walking. The mist sweeping across the path was cold, and I rubbed my arms.

“Dang I wish I had a sweatshirt.” I said. Something white appeared above the path. It looked like an article of clothing hanging on a branch. I went to it and pulled it down. I held it up, and saw a clean white fleece sweatshirt. I wish it had a zipper I thought. It had a zipper.

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