A Mourning of the Past

The man Margine thought she would be safe from for at least another hundred years twirled her around with a flick of his fingers and shoved her out of the bedroom to watch as her friend writhed and twitched on the floor.
“Stop it, Valko! VAL !” She screamed as pain shot up her spine and gave her a migraine the size of Mauna Loa, worse than the existing one from her hangover.
A sadistic grin spread over Valko’s face as he began to swirl the same visions through Margine’s memory. He knew they would hurt her more than the poor pathetic boy across from her who had managed to capture his best friend’s heart time and time again. But he never remembered. As soon as they traveled through the time warp, Margine was forced to begin again.
It had left her weak after centuries of trickery and evasion so that Valko could trace her path and reap the rewards of revenge.
“You’ve had more than your share of time. Now I need what you’ve promised.”
Kyle looked up at Margine in a moment of relief. Her eyes were milky white.

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