I Really Hope I Made John Perkins' Day! [Make Someone's Day Challenge]

Well, I thought that since John is the one who made the challenge, at least someone should take one of his stories and continue them! And I hope that I have done a good job at that!

Here is John’s original ficlet – Dear Diary, I hate It Here :

His story was about a psychcopath with a child’s mind, or maybe he was even a child at the time! It is a very chilling read, and I had fun writing a sequel to it! I simply continued the story, adding in a new friend for the main character, Teddy the stuffed Teddy Bear!

I was suprised John hasn’t continued it, since it was very interesting! Or atleast someone would come in before me!

Here is my sequel – Dear Diary, Meet Teddy :

I hope I have made your day John, and I hope you like my sequel! And I know that the story is only 36 days old, but I had to write a sequel to it!

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