.357 - Sweet Dreams

“Mommy always shared her water with me, remember Daddy?”

Lexxie had ice cream all over her face. The spoon looked too big in her hand as she scooped another mound of vanilla into her mouth.

“OK, baby.” Cooper said, handing her the glass.

Coulda just pulled the trigger. he thought, remembering the gun he had held to his own head just minutes ago. She looks too much like her. Those blue eyes.

Lexxie’s mouth opened into a wide yawn. Sleep was taking her again.

“C’mon, Lex.” He said, standing from the table. “Back to bed.”

Moments later, Lexxie’s head was sticking out of the plush covers. The night light was glowing a soft blue over the pale walls. She kept yawning.

She looked up into her father’s tortured face. “Why did Mommy die?”

Oh God.

A tear fell from Cooper’s face before he knew he was crying. “It was an accident, baby.” He choked back his sorrow.

Will I ever be able to tell her? I’m a bastard.

“Go to sleep now, baby. Sweet dreams.”

“I miss Mommy.” she said, drifting off.

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