Real Emotion in a Plastic World

“Quiet on the set!” came a loud voice from behind him.

Sam spun on his heel to first position, preparing himself for the shot.

It’s what I do, Sarah. It’s what people like me do. He rehearsed the line like he always has.

Courtney walked across the fake hardwood to the tape marking her first and looked over at him.


Courtney became Sarah so effortlessly. Same features. Same hair. Same lips. Same eyes. Different woman altogether.

“Brice” she said perfectly. “You killed him. You didn’t have to kill him.”


“It’s what I do, Sarah.” he responded. “It’s what people like me do.”

Sam threw a glance out of the corner of his eye at the director, huddled behind his monitors.

Courtney…Sarah…walked up to him and hugged him tightly. He felt her breasts squeeze against his chest. Her hair smelled of cucumbers.

That’s not in the script! he thought frantically.

Returning the embrace, he delivered his next line. “You let me worry about the killing, Sarah.”

Her grip slowly loosened.

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