A restless night

She was dying, slowly… someone was stabbing her, over and over… and every stab in her flesh was a stab in my heart.

No… no, stop!

The man dropped her to the floor, and looked over at me, his shirt stained with blood. I turned around and tried frantically to open the door, but to no avail. The man’s foot steps grew louder, and his dark chuckling more sickening. I felt his cold, dark hand on my shoulder. He turned me around to face his black eyes.
“Tom…” He said with his cold voice.
I just shook my head as he raised the knife, ready to slice me open.

“Tom! Tom!”
I sat up suddenly in a cold sweat, my mother at my bedside.
“Honey, what’s wrong? You were yelling in your sleep…”
I sighed. It was only a dream…
“I’m fine mom, it was just a nightmare… thanks.”
“I got you some water incase you needed it, here.”
I took the water and downed it in one gulp. I took a deep breath and handed the cup back to mom.
“Goodnight, sweetie”
I laid back down, unable to close my eyes.

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