Ficlets- What an improvement from quizilla! [The Wonderful World of Ficlets Challenge]

Three months ago I joined Ficlets. It doesn’t seem that long at all! I guess it all started when I just got really tired of writing fanfiction and getting no feedback on Quizilla. Sure, I did get people posting in a Cbox at the end of each story, but it was nothing more than a “Cool!”. Quizilla just wasn’t what I thought it was, even though I was there since 2006…

Then one day, a friend of mine told me about this strange place called Ficlets. She told me it was a place where you could write short stories and people would comment, rate, and maybe even write a prequel or sequel to anything you post.

Strange ’ I thought. I was so used to be ignored on quizilla, I found the concept of Ficlets just plain wierd. So I hurried along to make an AOL account, only using the email as a giant spam folder.

For the first few days, nobody commented on my stuff except Twitch, and I was worried about a repeat of quizilla. It wasn’t until THX commented my second ficlet that I realized this place wasn’t so bad.

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