Mommy's lap

Heidi’s spirit rose out of the rutting body, and stood next to the two back beast. She turned and looked and you the reader and began to monologue.
“So you don’t think this could be you? Really? Everyone likes to believe they would never go to this level of depravity. Everyone likes to believe they are like ghandi, who could endure any level of hardship for what they believe. Everyone who believes that stand up. Sit the fuct down, you don’t know. Ever done heroin? You know how you lay your head on your mothers lap and she makes you feel like everything is going to be alright? Well we don’t have all have a mom. You know what i am somoeones cousin sister schoolmate, exfriend, where are they? It takes a coordinated level of apathy for human being to become a junkie who rents there body. Who are you letting become this? Excuse me i need to get back in this, its time for me to get paid so i can spend more time on mommy’s lap.”

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