Esbin Drey

Esbin Drey,on the exterior, was a proper sort of man, who did not take lightly the pomp and circumstance of his position. This was a curious trait for a tall redhead of obvious viking heritage. One could set the cock crow by his punctuality. Scholars would eventually theorize that Wolfram the writer-historian used Drey as his model for ‘the chivalrous actions of a knight’. Despite his appearence, he was, in his day, the same ferocious warrior who had stood shoulder to shoulder with kira’s Papa at the battle of Gawain’s Gate.
The only problem Drey had with his new appointment as regent, was the whole bussiness of the “National Religon.” Drey like most Vikings believed that their native religion was, the oldest on Earth, and part of their pride as a people.
A young boy appeared in the door. “Sir we have located the Dane you were searching for. He is working on one of the kings new fortresses. but he says he no son.”
“Bring the man to me and find his son.”

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