Strange Men

The boys looked spectacular too and I told them so.”Where’s Kevin?”Emily asked as we headed outside to wait for the limo.
“He went ahead in the limo to pick up our friend Gwen.” Nick said.”They’ll be back soon to pick us up.”
“So where are we going?”I asked again.
Joe winked at me.”That would be telling.”
“Emily, why aren’t you wearing your ankle brace?”Nick frowned slightly.
She shrugged.”It looked weird with these shoes.”
“But you just got your cast off a couple days ago!” Nick protested.”The doctor said you should wear the brace to keep it stable.”
Emily dazzled him with a smile. “Don’t worry about it, Nick. I’ll be extra careful. Promise.”
“If you say so.” Nick still looked worried.
Just then the limo pulled up and Kevin rolled down the window. “You kids need a ride?” he joked.
“I’m sorry,my mom told me not to get in cars with strange men.” I countered.
“Nice one.” Joe laughed and opened the door for Emily and I. “After you see me dance tonight, you’ll have a lot to say about strange men!”

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