Teenage Dictionary (Again)

Throw Some Ds On It – To make something better or put rims on a car
Ex – Take that outfit and throw some Ds on it.

Jacked Up – Messed up or broken
Ex – My TV is jacked up, I don’t get any channels.
Ex – This headache has got me jacked up.

Jacked – Stolen or hijacked (Not to be confused with jacked up)
Ex – That guy just jacked someone’s car!

Fatality – Someone who’s been killed in a video game or when something so awkward happens that you want to die
Ex – “I heard you like Joshua.” he said. “Fatality.” she said, dropping to her knees.

Ghettofabulous – Something way beyond jacked up that someone is still attempting to use (Occasionally shortened to ghettofab)
Ex – You need to get rid of that phone. It’s ghettofabulous.

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