The girl and the orphanage

About six years ago, my mother and father were killed in a car accident. I was only ten, and I had no brothers or sisters.
I was sent to an orphanage, where I stayed for several years.

For the first few months, I kept secluded; not really socializing with the other children. That all changed when she arrived. I was sitting on the steps of the playground when she approached me.
“Hey there.” she said in a cheery voice.
“Hi.” I said back, not looking up at her.
“You look kinda lonely over here, mind if I sit with you?”
I shook my head and scooted over to make room for her.
“I haven’t seen you around before.” I said plainly.
“Yea, I just got here yesterday. My mommy said she was going on a long business trip, and she dropped me off here.”
I nodded and squinted at the same time.
“What about your dad?”
She shook her head.
“I never knew my daddy, and Mommy didn’t like to talk about him…”
I nodded again.
“So, what’s your name?” she asked.
“I love that name; my name’s Laia.”

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