Teenage Dictionary (Abbreviation Edition)

LOL : Another (polite) way of saying that wasn’t funny or shut up already or leave me alone or you have nothing better to say.

EX: “Did you hear about how whatsherface failed that math test?” asked Jenny. “lol yeah” You answer.

BFFL : Stands for best friends for life; pronounced biffle. What you call your best friend instead of her name.

EX: Heyyy BFFL what’s up?

ily: Stands for I love you. Teenagers say this becuase they think they are in love with whoever they are currently going out with (that is until they get bored of each other).

EX: Bye babe! ily!

OMJ : Usually used by extremely big Jonas Brother fans. (Stands for Oh My Jonas)(Then again can you blame them for making this phrase up? The Jonas Brothers are pretttty hott. =])

EX: Did you read the lastest featured ficlet? OMJ wasn’t it amazing?!

Evs: Short for whatever.

EX: “Your lame.” she said. “Evs” he said.

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