Just another conversation in Science Class [Teen Speak Challenge]

“Did you see those pictures of Daniel Radcliffe?” Madelynn asked, leaning over her desk to get a look at her friends study guide, quickly writing down some notes.

Jane looked over, pushing her away. “Yeah! What about them?”

Madalynn put her papers away, giving up on the study for now. “He is so tiny it’s not even funny!”

That’s what she said!” Jane replied, also packing up. Madelynn glared at her for a second, thinking of something to say.

“Well… Your mom! Oh yeah! I took your phrase! Booyah!” Madelynn cried, a smug look on her face.

“That’s not my phrase anymore! So ‘Booyah’ to you!” Jane said, wiping the smug look right off Madelynn’s. “My phrase is ‘In bed!’ remember?”

Right then, Simon walked over, cutting into the conversation,”Hey, what’s up girlies? Like, did you see Daniel Radcliffe’s wang? It’s like-”

“Dude, you ruined the whole thing! You killed it!” Madelynn said, cutting him off.

“What?” He asked.

Fail!” Jane cried out, sending a rejected Simon to his seat.

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