Spare Time

When you can live for ten million years or more, how do you stave off boredom? What the kids have been doing lately is increasing the clock speed in the local Calabi-Yau space, embedding a fractal mantra to create a moire pattern where the flashing lights and rhythmic sound waves meet to just kind of chill out for a while.

Usually some insight will colonize in your headspace after a few million realtime seconds of this sort of thing. It all crunches down to about eight hours so you don’t get crazy, but real genius takes time.

The semi-autonomous agents that wandered in and out were aware that something was going on, but they couldn’t see the patterns when the quantum encryption was set up properly. However, they do react quite strongly on a subconscious level. The meditation hits their libido structures so effectively that some of them will seek out a private area and simulate intercourse in twos and sometimes threes and fours.

For Minh it was a meditation chamber. For everyone else, it was a dance club.

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