Made More People's Days for the Challenge by John Perkins

I’m not sure if this is kosher, and if it’s not…well, heck, what are ya gonna do to a silly goyum? I decided, or rather my muse thrust upon the idea to make two people’s days. That’s right; I’m an over-achiever.

Here’s a nice little story by Six Feet Under the Stars.

Here’s the nice little sequel that Jenunique did to that story for this challenge.

Here’s some blank space for the sake of taking up space.

Here’s where I did a sequel to the sequel of the older ficlet which was sequelled for the sake of making someone’s day per the challenge which I have here sequelled.

See, now this makes people have to go back and read both ficlets before mine before reading mine. This should make the day of both other authors. It’s a day-making chain, you see. Enough justifying. Read. Comment. Go on about your awesomeness.

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