If she's everything you've ever wanted, Part 43

Sometimes words aren’t needed, and you just need someone there to hold you. Elle was obviously having one of those moments, and I held her tight as she sobbed.
“You dont need to say anything, Elle.” I said, holding her head close to my chest.
She nodded in my shirt, and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself.
I knew what it was like to not see your parents for a long period of time. You’d think it would be fun, not having parents around to tell you what to do. But in reality, it eventually becomes lonely. Elle’s case was different, however. She would never see her father again; only see him in her dreams. Dreams in which he’d still be alive, and she could still tell him how much she loved him.
“You’re father must’ve been quite a remarkable man to raise such an angel, and I have no doubt he’s in the exact place he deserves to be…”
“But… why couldn’t he stay? Why…?” she said in short breaths.
“Maybe he’s done all he could do here, and God needed him…”
“But I said things I didnt mean…”

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