The Insane Knight: Answers part 2

“When father discovered the Book of Ezik was blank, he was furious. He accused me of transcribing the book without him. At the time, I had no idea that it had actually transcribed itself to you.

That very same day I recieved word that I was accepted at Lungwarts School of Wizardry. Father told me that I was to leave in two days. He didn’t speak to me after that.

“I don’t blame him,” The Insane Knight interrupted, “You’re a very bad storyteller. You leave out so much detail. It is like you’re trying to fit the story into 1024 word sections, so you choose your words carefully so that you don’t exceed the limit.”

Ted looked confused for a moment, then continued his story.

“The next day I discovered that you had somehow transcribed the book. Father, no longer able to transcribe The Book of Ezik, agreed to teach you how to handle a sword.

‘Before we use the real thing,’ father said, ‘We will practice with imaginary swords.’

Soon he would regret putting that idea in your head.

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