My sister, Laia

From that day on, we were friends. Every day at recess, we’d talk, and sometimes play games. Over time, we became inseparable. We were hardly ever seen apart, and were usually mistaken as brother and sister by parents looking for a child to adopt. But to some extent, she was my sister. She was the only real friend I ever had at the orphanage, and things stayed that way for a good two years.
Until he came…


“Hey Tom, look at that man.” Laia said as we ate lunch, which was mac and cheese, our favorite.
I turned around to see a tall man with sunglasses wearing a black shirt and jeans. His face looked rough with stubble as he scanned the small cafeteria.
“He reminds me of the police.” I said somewhat timidly.
She furrowed her brow, studying him carefully.
“Let’s go talk to him.” she said, getting down from her chair.
I hesitated, but proceeded to follow her. The man didn’t seem to notice her until she tugged on his jeans.
“Well hey there.” He said, looking down.

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