Teenage Dictionary (INVISIBLE EDITION!!)

bother – used when someone feels like annoying another person.
example: Paul and Sam ran up to Denise and shoved her around like a pinball, saying “Bother, bother, bother, bother, bother!” [coined by Potter Puppet Pals.]

gnatty – used to describe something knobby or slimy.
example: Taylor picked up the dried sponge and said, “Dude, isn’t this so gnatty?”

grubby – used to describe something filthy.
example: Mykaela found a mechanical pencil in the sand and said, “Whoa, this thing is grubby!”

nub – used to describe someone kind of nerdy (not to be confused with n00b).
example: “Did you see Mr. B’s tie today?” “Yeah, he’s such a nub.”

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