The Edge of Space [Series continues with Held by the Sun]

But nothing happened.

At least, that’s what it seemed like to her.

The stars weren’t getting closer, and she seemed to be frozen in space.

Then she looked back and saw her star zooming off into the distance.

But it wasn’t the star moving so quickly. She was the one who had kept moving at the speed of her jump!

The little girl panicked, and tried to slow herself down, but it was impossible.

A few tears fell from her face, and kept falling down, down, down, until they were invisible to her small eyes.

She turned back to face the front, and an amazing vision assaulted her eyes.

She was floating towards a bunch of clouds, and beyond them, she saw a patch of blue.

But that wasn’t what had amazed her.

By the edge of the clouds stood her mother.

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