The Latest Craze

“Emily! You home?”
Emily rolled over in bed, groggy. She looked at her clock; 9:30 already?! She’d nearly forgotten! She ran to the window. Lona was already standing outside, waving furiously. “Get down here! I gotta show you!”
In a mad flurry of bedsheets, rejected would-be outfits, and a tried-and-true hairstyle, Emily flew down the stairs, out the door and into her friend’s arms.
“Hey girl!” they shrieked in their usual greeting. “So what do you wanna show me?” Emily asked curiously.
Lona smiled. “You’re just gonna have to come to my house!” Emily put on a pouty face but eagerly followed Lona.

“Okay, what do you wanna show me?”
“This,” Lona whispered dramatically, whipping something out with a flourish. It was a shimmering blue ball, similar to old Magic-8 balls, but more three-dimentional.
“What is it?”
“Your present, silly! It’s the latest craze: your very own Wonderball!”
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