Chain Lightning: Star Struck

Buzzing filled Lithilian’s ears as she stepped on to the deck, but her mind was too sleep addled to notice. She pushed her hair back and folded her arms for warmth. With the cold Lierian night wrapped around her she was thankful for her thick robes.

The twin moons of Divere shone overhead, casting enough light for her to see. The crew the captain sailed into port with stood at one end of the deck, staring at the sky. The sailors who joined in Brent huddled near the mast, whispering.

One spotted Lithilian and rushed over. As he neared she recognized him as Isthmar, one of furred Cachians that resembled animals more than humans with their tails and ears.

“They won’t move,” he said.

Lithilian rubbed her eyes with her palm. “Why?”

“Don’t know. They stopped a few minutes ago and did that. Can’t shake them out of it. And… and they brought something from below up to the deck.”

“What?” She looked down at him from between her fingers. “What was it?”

Isthmar pointed over her shoulder. “That.”

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