The only thing I remember about my past life is eating chocolate. I remember salivating and submerging myself into anything that was made of chocolate. I remember the different textures that used to tickle all the senses.

Funny thing is, I cannot remember eating anything else. I don’t know if you are suppose to recall this sort of things about your past life or not. For instance, if I were an ant, I would certainly remember being an ant and eating grass. Wait? What do ants eat? Grass? Insects? Do ants eat chocolate? Anyway, the problem is that I don’t exactly recall my earlier physical form. I am pretty sure I was a human because humans like to eat chocolate. Ants probably eat chocolate if they run into them in the floor. But would an ant be reincarnated into another form where it would have a vivid vision of eating chocolate? I don’t think so.

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