The Soul Sister Summer of my life

Ring! Ring!
I grabbed the phone immediently. I knew that it would probably be Nicole, Casey, or Tess, my best friends calling! I mean it was the first day of summer, and I planned to spend it with them! Next year we were going into middle school and I didn’t want to lose them.
“Hey Sadie.”
It was Nicole.
“Hey Nicole. Whats up?”
“Nothing really! I’m just so excited that it’s the first day of summer vacation!”
I grinned. It was pretty cool!
“Me too. Want to 4 way?”
“Sure. I’ll call Tess and you call Casey.”
In a minute we were all on the same line.
“Ok. We have to think of a plan.” That was Tess. Always planning things out.
“We have to think of an idea of how were going to meet our goals this summer. To spend time together, and get boyfriends!”
Finally Casey spoke up.
“Guys, I have a suprise for you!”

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