Dear Lily.

Dear Lily,

I don’t know what happened but I think I’m in the wrong place. That party last night might not have been the best idea. Not only did I wake up puking my guts out, but no one else is here. Not in the house, not outside, not anywhere.

We just drank too much. I think Kevin mixed my drink. I don’t know. I don’t know anything right now.

I’ve been trying to cook but its not easy when you’re running to the bathroom every five minutes. I miss having my mom here.

But at least I still have you Lily. If I’d lost you I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Besides, you’re the only one who knows everything about me.

Well, nature calls. And so does my stomache at the moment. I need to stop going to parties. Not that there will be any after the whole country disappearing. Maybe there’s some one out there.

Love always,
Alexis Cruley
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