Ulgoth the Freeman.

In the year 940 King Bluetooth united the Nordic/vikings tribes under one king. He started a series of building projects called the ring fortresses. Each fortress required thousands of slaves to build.
“Sir we have brought the man you requested.”
“Bring him in.”
“Sir he is a very badly beaten?”
“Because he is insubordinate, he will not work under impressment, he will not kneel, and he is dangerous.”
The battered man shook his arm away from the guard, because he would not walk with assistance.
“Ulgoth! Are you alright it has been so long”, Esbin replied trying to hide his elation.
“I don’t know this man.” Replied the prisoner.
A guard struck the back of his knee causing him to fall.
“It is me Esbin Drey.”
“If i did not wear these chains sir i would kill you, because the man i knew who owned that name was a freeman, and all i see before me is a slave.”
“Take him away and find his son.”
“I have no slave son, unlike you Kira is a freeman, and the oracle said when he is ready he will find you.”

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