Peripheral Evil Part 25 (A Pint Of Guiness)

“Man i can’t believe they let us out.”
Said Moshie.
Yeah i guess since we made so much progress, they were scared we would end up like our predecessors.(He made a hangman style motion with his hand)
Professor hidenbach sat at the bar enjoying a hand rolled cigarette same kind his grandfather had smoked in 26 when he had traveled to Tanguska.
“Hey doc you want one?”
“They’ll kill you.”
The proffessor called over the gaurd who supervised the scientist on their furlow.
“Hey agent Stratnicoff ever kill anyone?”
“Not today.”
“What would you do if we ran?”
“How you think you got this job?....I shot the last two who ran.”
The gaurd added with a face that said ‘not teasing’.
Moshie told the other proffessor,
“See you mine as well live it up death comes to us all. HEY BARTENDER TWO MORE GUINESS YOU MICK BASTARD .”
When an irish man turned to the scientist with an aggressive stance the agent leveled him with one blow.
Moshie said, “Now that’s power.”
“I think i’ll have that smoke.”

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