The Results Are In!

Well, for my first challenge, I’m pretty impressed at the turnout: 20! And such quality too! You people didn’t make judging easy, for sure.
Because there was such a wide range of genres, I’ll judge in a few different categories:

Beatles: Elenor Rigby by Watween
I’m a sucker for the Beatles, what can I say?

Comedy: Exotic Creature Inspiration by THX
Probably the lightest of all of them.

Heartstring-Tuggers: Sweet Child of Mine by Jenunique, Untouchable, Invincible… Invisible by NightMaiden, & Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz by John Perkins

Best Revenge Tactics: After the Before He Cheats by Bluesparrow & Invisible by ALRO613
Revenge isn’t the answer, but it’s sure feels good!

Specific Wow-Initiators: Someone to Sweep the Floors by Eckhouse & Everything Else is Just a Trainwreck by [pens&feathers]

These are just some of the few rockin’ awesome entries I got. Thanks to all y’all who entered & made my frist challenge so successful! It couldn’t have happened without yous!

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