Peripheral Evil Part 26 (Real Power)

The Scientist had been awake almost three days, thanks to the help of a new amphetamine designed for pilots. They were in the middle of an intense discussion on alchemy when the high Potentate summoned them.
The man stood over a huge flaming circle that looked like a window into another world.
“See that magpie, the one with the ruffled feathers.”
“Yes sir.”
“That is the Chosen one’s blade Rosalyn. She is doing what Thomas did and trying to rescue her sibling from hell. This is the Lazarus effect. She has six more hours to accomplish it or she and the chosen one, will no longer be Grail Keepers.”
“Can she do it?”
A well groomed Siamese cat jumped on the table and replied,”If she is as powerful as her mother she will.”
Both scientist recoiled and almost puked,
The high Potentate pointed to a cage in the corner were a scientist was licking his hand like a cat.
“Her mother drew out their souls and switched em, during a temper tantrum.Now that gentlemen Is Power.”

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