The Soul Sister Summer of my life: Part 2

“What is it?” Niclole asked.
“Yea! What could it be?” Tess wondered.
I was pretty anxious too, but I didn’t say anything.
“Ok, well, I found the most amazing camp in the world online, and it’s free so, I signed us all up for it!”
“Wow! Thanks Casey your the best!”
Yea!” Tess agreed with me!
“Case that was a great idea! Nicole got excited too.
“Thanks! I am the best!”
We finished up our conversations and hung-up. The camp didn’t start for another week, and our parents didn’t even argree to it yet. Also Casey gave us the site to check out. I ran to my room and shut the door.
I logged on to the site from my MAC computer.
I love my computer! When I got on to the site I opened my mouth wide. We were going to have a great summer at this camp, and I was going to go there wheather my parents liked it or not!!

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