Mardy and Kie Own The Skies.

Kira could not breathe because of the intense torture. Many men had died from the torture of being crushed by huge weights, but this was over kill. He finally managed to get out one squawk before he felt he would die.
“Mardy please get off.”
The dragon opened his eyes and looked at the almost crushed boy and replied, “What is wrong with you?”
“You are smashing me.”
The dragon jumped back and the boy breathed the sweet air of life as a wall of the hut caved in from the dragons backwards force.
“We are going to need a bigger hut, Mardy!”
The dragon grasped the boy around the waist and flew straight up through what used to be the roof.
“Kie, calm down i am new at this flying thing you are making me nervous, we are looking for a bigger hut.” Mardy quipped, with a smile.
“There is a big one!”
With the flick of her wrist she flung kie to her back and swooped down to grasp the roof of a cute cottage.
She let out a grunt as she lifted it, spilling it’s occupants out the back.

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