Brown Eyes?!?!?

I was so confused.
What is she talking about? She’s acting like two different people.
I stared into Angela’s brown eyes.
Angela doesn’t have brown eyes.
Then it dawned on me.Anna, go get Dailey.
Angela’s image seemed to be splitting in two.
“Why?” she asked aloud.
Do it NOW ! And keep up your mind defenses!!
Anna ran from the room immediately.
I returned my focus to angela who was now just staring at me as her image continued to split down the middle.
Instinctively I reached out with my mind and began to pull on the brown eyed Angela. It was like grabbing a piece of hot metal with my bare hands.
Help me, James! The real Angela said weakly in my mind. She’s been overshadowing me for days, I’m not strong enough-
Silence! the faux-Angela screamed in my mind.
I pulled as hard as I could on her and finally she split from Angela.
The real Angela crumpled to the floor.
I couldn’t hold the other! She was way too strong!
DAILEY ! Angela’s mindscream echoed to everyone in range.

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