Memories of Grandma

At Grandmas house, the summer of 68, My brother Mark and I were having breakfast, a box of Cheerios or some such round oat cereal. He was on his second bowl when I spoke up, “What’s dees things crawlin around in my cereal?â€?
Our parents and grandma walked over to inspect.

“Bowl weevils,â€? my Grandma said, Mark wide eyed, continued to eat ,until our mother took the bowl away.

My brothers, Steve, Mark Michael and I used to run through the cornfields, being city kids, we had never seen corn stalks and enjoyed playing a game of Hide & Seek.

Grandma gave us all a half dollar coin, I still have mine. Mike wanted a plush doll that was on a bed , Grandma gave it to him and he carried it everywhere that week.

When Grandma visited us she stopped in the entry, removed her shoes, saying, “My feet are tared.â€?

We thought she meant she got tar on her feet from the street, she meant tired. We loved the way she talked, always made us smile. Still does when I think about her.

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