Strangers in Town

(Merle Fugate) Mark Sterling bellied up to the bar( counter) the barkeep (cook) handed Mark Sterling his usual gin (Jello). Mark downed it in one gulp, wiped his mouth and walked over to two newcomers to town, “What brings you fellows to these parts?”

Between laughter the gunslingers ( teenage skater boys) answered, “we arrived on the noon train, a fixin to take you down sheriff.”
Of course what they really said was, “Hey dorky old dude, what’s with the cowboy getup, it’s not Halloween?.”

“Now now, lets not have any trouble here?”, said the bar keep,(cook), “settle down.”

The three sat and glared at each other.

(Merle Fugate) Mark Sterling was thinking of how he would rid this town of the weasly gunslingers (teenage skaters).

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