A Chain of Events

Ahmad sat in the suspended iron cage looking down at his
captors. The nearest troglodyte was not quite 4 feet tall. It
studied Ahmad for some time and then reached for one of
the scattered piles of body parts strewn about the cave floor.
It chewed on a dismembered leg and gulped down the
glutinous remains as blood dripped from its chin.

“Let me out of here you disgusting little grave robber. Have you no respect for the dead!?” Ahmad yelled.

“HUMAN!! ... hmptht hmphthth, yess ,hrmpththt … HUMAN !! .... mmppthtps…. No HUMAN knows what drives MY
Hunger … hrmpth, hrmpth!!” the ghoul shouted in a guttural

“When I get down from here, and I will, you’ll pay for that
meal with your life!” Ahmad screamed. He rocked the cage
to and fro until the links in the chain separated and the cage
shattered on the ground . He was free. Ahmad reached for
the broken chain and advanced toward the small demon.

“And now you shall die,” he said as he clenched both ends of the chain tightly in his hands.

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