The sun felt good on her face, it raised her heart just enough. She knew that she would catch hell for leaving the castle and losing the guards that her father put such stock in. She was strong and agile but surely if they were worth their retainer she should not be able to evade them so easily.

As she wandered through the cherry orchard, idly picking fruit, she let her mind wander to Lissa. She could see her soft white skin, her smooth toned body slick with the dark water of the reflecting pool as she had climbed out under the moonlight. She burned to touch her, to kiss her. Lissa would never bear to hear it she knew that. One of her spying sessions had yielded the fact that Lissa was attracted to men. It had been hard and yet so powerful to watch her making love to Damon in the maze, their bodies becoming one in the night. Even with the lust that she felt there was something deeper there as well. Not being able to tell Lissa, knowing that it would hurt her, that was what cut her deeper than anything else.

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